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User Service Agreement

Unique Arrangements hereinafter may be at time referred to as (“our site,” “site,” “company,” “us,” “service,” “we,” or “website”). By accessing the website dating service including through mobile application, you agree to be bound by the terms set forth in this user agreement (the “Agreement”), the Privacy Policy and provisions of the website policies available herein of this agreement.

Please read carefully, as you choose to accept or not the terms of use shall depend on whether you become a member of the site or service. You hereafter at time may be referred to as (“you,” “user,” “member,” or “your”) hereby understand that in order to access the site and/or service you will need to agree to all terms of this agreement without limitation conditions or you cannot use the website or its service.

For the purpose of this agreement, once you register with the site it will mean you consent to be bound by the terms of the Agreement, therefore will be referred to thereafter as (“member”) and you as a member must accept this Agreement as a legally electronic binding contract that describes and explains the terms of the site and service as a registered member as described below.

User Policy – Modification

You as a member whether a free user, free member or subscriber has provided the necessary personal information required to access the site and that such information is accurate, current and of legal consent of at least 18 years of age to accept the terms of this agreement in your city, state, county, or country where you may use the service or website. You agree by using the site or service, you have no restricted use of the internet as a registered sex offender or any other offense which may prohibit the use of the internet and by accessing the site, you represent and agree that you have full authoritative rights to accept and abide by the terms of the Agreement. You also agree to only use the website and/or service in accordance with this Agreement and all regulations of state, local, city and international laws. You acknowledge and agree to at the sole discretion of the owner’s company or site may modify the terms at any time without notice and any such modifications shall be effective the date of posting on the website. By continuing to access your username and password once the modifications are posted shall continue your acceptance to such modifications of the revised revisions and if you contest any part of the modifications you cannot use the site or its service.

Feature Terms

Once you have registered to use the service depending on if you are a free user, free member, or subscriber, you acknowledge and accept that feature benefits of the website service will not be accessible to all levels of membership users of the site, including but not limited to contacting users or members, messages, live chats, viewing of photos, private or not and/or other service features which will apply only to members with paid subscription or select subscription plan as to each type of membership level limits the use of access to feature benefits of the site. (For further detail refer to membership) you agree and understand that the service features are provided on an as is basis and subject to change. (For further details see disclaimer).

Account Security

You agree and acknowledge to be solely responsible for your membership account and any activity that occurs under the username and password and maintain the confidentiality of that information is only your responsibility and of any third party access use that may occur and/or activity you conduct through your username and password including your personal information being distributed to others as a result of you or by providing your users information to a third party or by misappropriation of your username or password and/or by theft. It’s your full responsibility to immediately notify us of any unauthorized use of your users’ account and agree to the owner’s or the site or employees reserve the sole discretion and right to terminate your service and/or  suspend at any time by you providing inaccurate fraudulent information about your account or in connection with your account activities on the site. You agree we reserve all rights without any obligation to monitor or remove any user content whether they are a paid or free user of the site.

Membership Interactions – Background Checks

You agree and acknowledge, you are solely responsible for your conduct online or offline regarding any use of the site and that any conduct by you whether online or offline, neither owners, shareholders, or employees or the site bears any liabilities or cannot or are not liable for and/or of or assume any risk at all of any limit of lost damages, including but not limited to gifts, money, properties, deaths, injuries,  or emotional distress that may occur associated with any level of interaction with other users or members online or offline at any time and/or by communication that occurred resulting from use of the site or service and that all risk to meet, talk to, or interact are fully your responsibility to take all necessary protection steps when meeting any user of the website, you agree and acknowledge the owners shareholders or the site are not responsible for any persons conduct you meet as a user of the site and we DO NOT CONDUCT CRIMINAL BACKGROUND CHECKS AT THIS TIME. However, we do reserve the right to do so at any time on any user of the site.  You also agree as a user of the service to such “background checks” by use through public records, (including but not limited to LexisNexis) What service of verifying and screening we us is voluntarily by requesting users by email to verify personal information such as financial wealth, age, current photo, employment status and more. You agree and understand the site makes no guarantees expressly or implied of any results of background verification whatsoever and you consent not to hold the site, owners, shareholders, or employees liable or accountable directly or indirectly of any result arising and/or relating to the truthfulness or not of any user of the service. You agree to also acknowledge not to use the site and/or service at any time to gather users’ personal information, solicit or sell personal or commercial products. You agree that your use of the site will be only for personal use. All multiple membership profiles are prohibited.

Content Acceptability Commercial Use

You accept and warrant to the viewing of any content you upload or post whether it’s made public and/or private. You agree to be fully responsible for all content, material and information related to your username and password including but not limited to any and all uploads, video, live video, chat, real time messages, images, recordings, photographs, links to , or any and all messages, transmit of or any other material content information shared or transmitted to members shall be herein after referred to as “content”. You agree NOT to post content containing nudity such as pictures, videos, or pornographic material neither of yourself and/or other users or members of the website or service. You agree NOT to use any such manner of content and/or the website to intimidate, offend, troll, be obscene to, profane, abusive, defamatory, hateful, threatening, or provide inaccurate information of any form to the site or any user of the service or defraud others nor attempt to defraud users, engage in illegal acts, spams or misrepresent, or mislead another user or the misuse of another member(s) property or material meant to exploit another user of the site in any manner, obtaining or maintaining any content of a person under 18 years of age, or an content of “commercial use” such as endeavors, advertising, selling of any product or by groups, department representative or corporation or solicit any member to do so or to purchase any products and/or service that are not offered by the site or soliciting members to attend events that may reflect commercial networking or social parties and/or commercial use by media or competitor are prohibited. You acknowledge that all of your uploads are viewed by owners, shareholders, and employees and at no time does your content express and/or imply to hold any bearing or responsibility or representation of the views or values of the owners, shareholders or employees of the website, nor do they share in any liabilities resulting and/or arising from the content that you post. You agree that at any time and without notice the site can deny, approve or black-out, edit or remove any or all content which we so deem prohibited content or material that violates the user terms, privacy policy and/or any provisions of the terms set forth herein the Agreement or that may be in violation of any applicable offenses state, local or federal. You agree that the site or service owners reserve the right, without obligation, to monitor and/or remove any user content whether a paid or free user of the website and have the sole discretion and right to terminate your service or suspend at any time including for providing inaccurate or fraudulent information relating to your account activities. You agree and warrant by registering as a user or accessing the site or service that the company, owners, shareholders, or employees hold no responsibilities or liabilities pertaining to the content in connection with your username and password. You agree that the site may delete content posted by you at any time we deem to be in violation of the user terms agreement herein.

Content Rights

You agree and acknowledge to the authorization non-exclusive rights and licensing worldwide, free of charge to reproduce, distribute, use at will, or prepare, copy, adapt, display and/or modify any content you post or submit to or on the site and may as well incorporate such content into other projects that may be viewed publicly herein or in the future. You agree by using the site to have consented to content you post becoming communication value through the use of the service which forfeits your reasonable expectation of privacy. Though there are options to make some content private if you so choose that can be viewable only by those selected members of your choice. You agree and acknowledge by using the service we are not responsible for third-party use, nor do we share or provide user information or access to third-party uses of user information or can you hold the site responsible or assume liability for any third-party use or relating to any that is and/or may be beyond the control of this site or service and you agree by use of the site that any content or material if required by law to be shared or if we deem necessary may be provided to authorities. We agree that in any such manner, we will notify you via email pertaining to or of such request by authorities, unless otherwise not permitted by law.


You acknowledge, accept, and agree by accessing the website you are bound by the user terms, privacy policies and all provisions of the Agreement without challenge of limitation set forth herein this Agreement. You understand and accept that the use of the service or site is at your own risk as is basis of the feature or service and any features may be subject to change without notice that changes of any feature shall be to provide better service, your abilities or options to connect and/or communicate with other members of the service. You acknowledge and agree to any errors or any device, problems, or malfunctions, fitness of any feature(s) or downloading or material, or interrupted service feature. We are not responsible for or do you hold us responsible (neither the owners, shareholders, employees) bear any guaranteed warranty of error, free service features(s) nor implied directly or indirectly and that all user risk of the site rests solely upon your liability as a member only. You agree no liability factors are shared at all between the site, owners, shareholders or employees in part or in full of any loss included but not limited to loss of data, death, property of any kind, damage to property that may be caused by any defects or problem within our service and/or system or in connection to your use of the website. You bear all liability resulting from your use of the service. You agree and acknowledge that the site makes no promise or offer implied, guaranteed or intended any results by using the site or its service and you take full liability of your use/and/or conduct while using the site or its service in connection with the use of the site whether online or offline.

Dispute Resolution

You agree and accept by using the service, you are bound by the terms of dispute resolution with the site and any and all dispute claims of any form that may arise relating to the use of the service “are only” resolved through arbitration and without any level of limitation challenges by you to resolve any claim dispute by or through arbitration procedures herein this agreement and/or under applicable federal laws. You agree to file any such dispute claim arising out of the use of the site or service within one year of such date the claim arose from, and you agree, your failure to bring about the dispute within the required time frame. You agree to dismiss and/or forfeit any right to bring such dispute forth to arbitration altogether. You also agree to no class action suit can be brought about under this Agreement, or any challenges or pursuit of civil suits actions against us. You agree to all terms of dispute claim resolution herein. If you disagree to the provision of this Agreement you cannot use the site.

User Prohibited Use

You acknowledge and agree to not use the website or any part of the site in any form for illegal purposes nor assist any person to use the service in any illegal capacity. You agree and understand the site is not a service or platform commercial sex acts, prostitution or escorting and by accessing the site you agree not to facilitate the site for prohibited exploitation laws and/or any of the below conduct:

·         Intentionally uploading content to mislead another user

·         Uploading or posting material that might be or is offensive, abusive, threatening inappropriate, obscene, profane, harassing, defamatory or illegal

·         Presenting any material that represents content of a person under 18 years of age. (UNDERAGE USE IS PROHIBITED ON THIS SITE. ALL USERS MUST BE 18 OR OVER.)

·         Inaccurate content of others or yourself

·         Uploading or transmitting pornographic material

·         Not to upload any content that violates the rights of others or infringes on the rights of any person or use discriminatory language regarding sex, color, race or hateful remarks

·         Upload video, picture(s) or audio of any person(s) who’s unauthorized

·         Upload or post any content belonging to another person without their approval, including but not limited to the following: copyrights, of another, or trademark material

·         Troll another user or harass any user

·         Defraud or attempt to defraud another user or intimidate any user

·         Upload any type of virus or software that can or may cause damage or harm the system or service or any user’s computer or distribute any content that may cause the site or system to shut down or damage the operation of the website or attempt to interfere with the service of the site in any form or breach the site security measures by crashing, spamming, wronging, or a spider or any other device that can be used to circumvent to the protection system in place directly or indirectly

·         Impersonate another person

·         Not to download any material reasonably known that cannot be distributed

·         Use the site or service to solicit prostitution, commercial sex act, or escort and/or promotion of another to engage in prostitution

·         Not to impersonate any company, corporation, group or advertisement, publicize content for public sales or commercial endeavors and/or endorsements

·         Not to invite, direct, or promote ay user to use another dating service

·         Post publicly your personal or business address, email address, hourly rates, price, cost, or explicit language inside of your profile and/or advertisement posts, or collect other users’ emails

·         Not to use racially offensive language in your public ad or profile

·         No nudity or nude photo(s), videos, or images

·         Not to uses the site or service for illegal purposes of any kind

·         You agree and acknowledge by accessing the service, you are bound to all the above and that we reserve the right to terminate or delete your account immediately for violating any of the above conducts and the site owners, shareholders or employees cannot be held responsible for any of the above behavior committed by your use of the service and any violation of the above resulting in termination, also any and all unused credit or remaining fee or credit is forfeited

Proprietary Rights

Unique Arrangements owns all rights and content of the website including all content service marks, trademarks, trade names and other intellectual property rights of the service and website. All content used on the site is owned by us or falls under intellectual property rights and you shall not copy, modify, reproduce, publish, or transmit content in any way without written permission.

Subscription (Renewal, Termination, Cancellation)

You agree by registering and/or accessing the website to the billing provision set forth in the Agreement and acknowledge and accept the terms of payment and that all payments are final without challenge by you or disputes of charge by you with your bank. You also accept and consent to automatic renewal of subscription and do so without challenge or reverse payment and that (not all subscriptions may be subject to automatic renewal.) You agree the site or service has the right to exercise automatic renewal for any paid subscription at any time up until date of subscription expiration and/or subscription is cancelled or unless renew on the day of or before subscription expires. You do so accept and acknowledge the owners, shareholders of the site, or employees have the right to provide, offer, or give  a free subscription to any one at any time they so choose to and that no member, paid or free, may challenge this right. You accept that any such free membership can and/or will be offered or provided to any person while other members have paid subscriptions. As a member you agree to maintain accurate, complete and current information on your billing account and to update information promptly if there are any charges to your billing information including changes of billing address, stolen card, misplaced, lost and/or any unauthorized use of your card. You also agree to any fees associated due to a breach of your security with payments owed to us. You are completely responsible for those balances and will notify us immediately of any such breach of your card. You consent to all disputes regarding your billing account with us must be resolved through our dispute process only, and agree to the billing service methods of the site and you accept the policy that all purchases, unused credit or remaining subscription credit are non-refundable and you agree to pay your selected subscription charges as a member of the website. You may choose to cancel your subscription at any time or if your account is suspended or terminated or deactivated. You agree to no refunds, and any unused subscription will be forfeited, and we reserve the right to remove your account for any terminated, deactivated, or cancelled, subscription without notifying you. You acknowledge and agree that Unique Arrangements has the right to terminate your membership with or without notice for any reason if we believe you have violated this agreement and/or any policies of the website nor would you be entitled to any refund or unused credit and that all provisions of the agreement remain in effect up until the subscription term expiration date. You agree that no parts of the subscription are transferrable or can unused or remaining credit be transferred to any member account at any time for any reason.

Termination – Cancellation

You can terminate your account at any time or deactivate it, either by contacting us via email or by going into your account settings and selecting “terminate/deactivate.” You acknowledge and agree to all provisions surrounding termination of users’ accounts described herein this Agreement.


You acknowledge and accept the site’s membership feature is accessible and that each membership subscription limits the availability access to different feature benefits and/or that it is not available to all memberships. You understand and accept feature(s) are subject to change without notice and once you have chosen a membership plan and you would like purchase extra interactive features you are able to do so. There are four types of memberships: month to month, 3 months, 6 months and annually.  Each membership includes a different limited amount of feature accessibility. You may cancel terminate, deactivate, your account at any time and no refunds are warranted for any unused credit and your account will be deleted immediately.


Members Confidentiality Agreement

To access the website or service as a member, you acknowledge and agree to be bound by this Confidentiality Nondisclosure Agreement, and is entered into By and Between You and other Members(s) of the service. Herein after at time (the “Confidentiality Nondisclosure Agreement” may be referred to as “NDA”). You also accept and agree to the NDA bring an “Addition Agreement” to the Terms of Use Agreement herein and at no time shall the NDA supersede any provision set forth in the terms of use, but shall survive one year after your subscription date expires or if you should cancel, deactivate or your account gets terminated for any reason in violation of the terms of use agreements.

You understand and accept that the NDA has been provided to extend to our members an extra level of privacy, protection, and comfort while using the service with respect to certain shared material in communication or conversation with other members could  and/or may hold personal or commercial value to the disclosing  party member. What we have decided to offer, to become a member of Unique Arrangements Dating Service that would accommodate all members. Is to provide them a platform of “Conversation Freedom.”  By agreeing to the NDA, you have agreed to maintain confidentiality and privacy of information that may arise from members to members personal conversation between one another, while speaking to members online or offline, and you agree to maintain any and all or unforeseen information shared in the strictest confidence as a member. If you disagree to the NDA, you cannot register as a member of the website.

Service Use

The website’s sole purpose of for personal use, recreational, non-exclusive relationships. All users are granted limited access and bear all liability and are responsible for their conduct and content online or offline.

Public Personal Advertisement

You agree by accessing the website or service, registering as a user, or taking out ad space of personal ads, you will be bound by the terms of the User Service Agreement in whole. You acknowledge and agree that personal public ads may include but are not limited to business ads and personal ads with one photo and short bio and that there will be a charge to renew the ad and/or place your ad and as a featured ad on the website. The site or service may change fees to post ads and/or renew any ads at any time as we so deem, without notifying you, but will post on the website of any such changes in fees. You agree and understand that all public ads are prohibited from including nude pictures, sexual references, sexually suggestive language, or hourly rates as such content is in violation of the terms of use agreement herein. The owners, shareholders, or employees reserve the right to blackout or edit, remove, suspend, delete, and/or immediately terminate your use of the service if found to be in violation of the Agreement. You agree to full responsibility to any content posted relating to your ad and or account as a public ad user of the service without any challenges. You also agree not to use the ad service, if you disagree to any provisions set forth herein the terms of use agreement. You must be 18 years of age or older to take out an advertisement on the website.

Underage Use

Our platform will not “knowingly” permit any person under the age of 18 to access any part of the service or website or allow any user brought to our attention to “knowingly” communicate with such a person believed to be a minor under the age of 18. If you believe or have reasonable belief that a user of the website is or may be under the age of 18, please contact us via email with such information immediately. We will investigate all reports of underage use of the service and/or possibly refer prohibited behavior to authorities or delete the account altogether if age cannot be verified. All users of the website must be over 18 years of age. Any user’s account, whether free or paid, found to be the account of a minor would immediately be deleted.

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